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Introducing a new approach to

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In today’s digital age, major commercial property owners must be ready to take on a critical challenge: securing their building’s assets from any potential cybersecurity threats.


This effort becomes even more complex as an increasing number of PropTech vendors and products must be connected directly to your building’s operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) networks on a day-to-day basis. Effectively vetting vendor and products before connecting them to building networks is a necessary step in maintaining and enhancing cybersecurity.


With all this in mind, the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) and its Cybersecurity Committee have partnered with the Global Cyber Consortium (GCC) to create a new resource that will help commercial building owners to develop consistent and effective cybersecurity standards for protecting their assets.



Determining cybersecurity vulnerability often comes down to asking the right questions. That’s why this new resource was developed as a set of comprehensive questionnaires designed to address the different issues associated with incorporating new PropTech solutions into existing building networks or evaluating current systems deployed within building networks.

There are two questionnaires to address the nuances of each perspective:

  • Product/Vendor - Existing

  • Product/Vendor - New 


Each questionnaire is divided into 12 distinct categories that will help uncover potential vulnerabilities:

  • General Company Information

  • Physical Security

  • Network Topology

  • Data Center

  • Vulnerability Management

  • Data Storage

  • Authentication & Administration

  • Remote Access & Mobility

  • System Endpoint

  • Policies, Protocols, & Procedures

  • Business Continuity Planning

  • Training & Development


The REBNY Cybersecurity Committee is a group of New York City-based real estate industry experts, with global experience, working to enhance cybersecurity preparedness in buildings and facilities across the world.


Our mission is to engage the industry in conversation to solve one of the industry’s challenges, cybersecurity,  Through our partnerships with leading vendors and service providers, we will raise awareness to cyber security best practices and solutions setting new standard for the industry.

Sandy Jacolow_Headshot_1.26.2022.jpg

Sandy Jacolow

CTO at Empire State Realty Trust (ESRT)

  • LinkedIn
Walter Mehl_headshot.jpg

Walter Mehl

Managing Partner at JB&B

  • LinkedIn

Brian Loper

Cybersecurity Manager at Silverstein Properties

  • LinkedIn
David Bunzel_headshot.jpg

David Bunzel

Co-Founder Global Cyber Consortium (GCC)

  • LinkedIn
NIcholas Stello_headshot.jpg

Nicholas Stello

SVP IT at Vornado

  • LinkedIn
Min Kyriannis_headshot.jpg

Min Kyriannis

Co-Founder Global Cyber Consortium (GCC)

  • LinkedIn
Neal Mohammed_headshot.jpg

Neal Mohammed

VP of Technology at Rudin Management Company

  • LinkedIn
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